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Formed in Dublin Ireland in 1969 Thin Lizzy kicked off their musical career as a 3 piece band consisting of Phil Lynott - Bass & Vocals. Eric Bell - Guitars and Brian Downey - Drums. They released their first single "The Farmer" in 1970 followed by their self named titled debut album "Thin Lizzy" in 1971.


Though not very successful around this time they went on to become very successful and throughout the bands career they had a string of hit single and churned out 12 Studio albums up until Lynott's death in 1986. During this time the band had many line up changes and some major big named guitarists playing for them such as Gary Moore and Snowy White.


Personally my favourite era of the band was with Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson who really contributed the most to the bands more familiar style and sound and for me their best albums was done with those two guitarists working as a power horse in unison together just like the likes of how the band Wishbone Ash used to work with so well with two guitars.

Tribute Project

By Lee Lucas & Allan Lyon

1976 was a very successful year for the band and this particular line up of Phil Lynott. Scott Gorham. Brian Robertson and Brian Downey was my particular favourite line up of the band. In the same year the band done two albums Jailbreak and Johnny The Fox which where both great albums and the latter being my fave of all their albums.

A collaborative project by Lee and Allan who both at sometime in their past used to enjoy doing Thin Lizzy songs with their respective bands they was involved in the past. All the songs are entirely free to download from Bandcamp and we would only expect them to be, as these are only our tribute version of the songs, and far from the real thing to which no one could never better on that score.

Don't Believe A Word (Thin Lizzy Tribute)

​​Our version of the 1976 classic hit by Thin Lizzy. Orignally off their great album Johnny The Fox released in the same year. It's always been a personal favourite of mine and it's a great rocking number to kick off the series with..


Words & Music By Phil Lynott.

Lee Lucas - Vocals (Production & Artwork)


Allan Lyon - Guitars - Bass - Drum Programming


The single track is available as a Free Digital Download only from Bandcamp.

                               Lee At Work


A live little clip of myself recording the vocals for Dancing in the Moonlight. As I never get much time to be able to use my Microphone I have to use my mobile phone to record the vocals, so far all 3 songs in series have been recorded via my mobile phone. The clip here is very much exactly as it was taken off the video on my phone with no reverb applied to it and dry.


I then process it by putting the video off my phone onto my computer and into a Video Editor and exporting the audio only from the video, which is then placed into the track in Cubase and a touch of reverb is added for the final production.

To get your free copy please click on the Bandcamp Icon >>>

                               The Thin Lizzy Tribute Project


The project started out really from myself having heard a Gary Moore version of "Don't Believe A Word" on Allan's cloud. I asked him if I could do a better production for it and whilst I was doing so Allan also asked me to sing it. Well it's always been one of my all time favourite songs of Thin Lizzy and I have always preferred the Thin Lizzy version. This I told Allan and he decided to that version for me to sing.


Having done so and put it out on the cloud, we still really had no intention of doing a project and a particular comment left upon the track made by Derek Cornett to do "Jailbreak" next really sparked it off and both me and Allan thought it would be a great idea.


So far the series as very much kicked off with the bands more popular songs, but as it goes on we will be doing some of the bands best album tracks too. What song is gonna be next I wonder? and who gets to pick the songs to do? Well right now we have no idea what song will be next, and both me and Allan very much decide which songs to do, so it's a 50/50 choice between us both really.


Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy Tribute)

​​The 2nd of our tributes to the great rock band Thin Lizzy. Jailbreak was another one of the bands fine hits taken from their 1976 album of the same title. It was also the album that gave them international success.


Words & Music By Phil Lynott.

Lee Lucas - All Vocals - Siren - (Production & Artwork)


Allan Lyon - Guitars - Bass - Drum Programming


The single track is available as a Free Digital Download only from Bandcamp.

To get your free copy please click on the Bandcamp Icon >>>

Dancing In The Moonlight (Thin Lizzy Tribute)

​​Another one of the bands most popular and successful hits. Dancing in the Moonlight came from the bands 7th studio album release Bad Reputation back in 1977. It's very much a song both me and Allan used to do in our respective bands years ago, though none of us had a Sax player. I thought it would be a great idea to have one for a change and could think of none other than Dave McKeown to do the job for us.


Words & Music By Phil Lynott.

Lee Lucas - All Vocals - (Production & Artwork)


Allan Lyon - Guitars - Bass - Drum Programming


Dave McKeown - Saxophone


The single track is available as a Free Digital Download only from Bandcamp.

To get your free copy please click on the Bandcamp Icon >>>

                               Allan At Work


Well I must admit I had no idea what Allan looked like till I got these couple of shots off him here. I must say he looks the picture and takes a good picture as he his posing for these website shots. He's a cracking guitarist too and does the bees knees on the music for me on these Thin Lizzy tributes.


Allan also uses his guitar to play the bass lines and all 3 tracks so far in the series have been done on his guitar. He does however intend to get a Bass Guitar maybe in the not so distant future, but I have to say he's doing a grand job of it on these numbers.

The Cowboy Song (Thin Lizzy Tribute)

​​The Cowboy Song was originally from the bands 1976 Jailbreak and in many ways is very familiar to the Bob Seger song Rosalie which the band covered on their previous album Fighting though lyrically it tells a different story.


Words & Music By Phil Lynott & Brian Downey.

Lee Lucas - Vocals - Harmonica (Production & Artwork)


Allan Lyon - Guitars - Bass


Carlo Presti - Drums


The single track is available as a Free Digital Download only from Bandcamp.

                                    Allan At Work Again


Another cracking shot and another part of Allan's work besides his guitar his doing the drum programming. For Allan this will very much take him the longest to do when working on these numbers, and the bass and guitar parts are more of an easier task for him and come natural.

To get your free copy please click on the Bandcamp Icon >>>

                                 Dave McKeown At Work


Dave features on Saxophone on Dancing in the Moonlight and his a multi talented instrumentalist who specialises in Saxophone and Clarinet. He is also a composer and teacher of music and plays in about 4 bands of many musical styles and plays an array of wind instruments besides.


Having heard Dave's musical talent on Soundloud over the last 2 years and the many collaborations he has been involved in and fabulous work he does. I knew he was the right man to approach for this Lizzy number and he as done the bees knees on it for us here.


You can find out more about Dave on his cracking website here: http://www.davemckeown.co.uk/

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